Hello friends of San Antonio, thank you for your support!

We thank all those who selflessly gave in a time of need!  

                                      We are no longer taking any donations. 

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 Even though it has been several years, we are still rebuilding. We will forever have nightmares and memories of losing our loved ones and friends. We will never forget all of you who have helped from donations and time helping,  American RedCross, Peace Corps, Mayan Families, Tosa, Amigos of San Antonio Palopo ICO and hundreds of volunteers who helped.

" Every time I walk to my house from the town's market I pass the vally of rubble which used to be the homes of my friends and family. It brings memories of the horrifying events that took place only several years ago. Its impossible to not think of it often and it creeps into my dreams to wake me up every now and then.

I also remember thousands of people rushing to help fellow neighbors and give housing to those who needed a place to stay. Poor families sharing with the victims so they may survive and have a simple meal in their stomache. I remember many of the men did not bother eating luchvbecause they were too busy trying to dig out the people who remained under the mud and rubble. I remember volunteers comming from many places to help dig out the rubble. I remember as do all the people of my Tinamit, matiosh, Gracias, Merci,Vielen Dank,Dank u,ありがとう, 감사합니다, 谢谢. Thank you!!

Dedicated to those who lost their homes and family.

At aproxamately midnight september 3rd San Antonio Palopo was struck with a major catasrophy.  Much of the towns center was demolished by major landslides
To those who have been following this website we thank you for your support. As you may know tropical storm agatha caused incredible damage to our town. Tropical storm 11-e has caused another major mudslide which ravaged the center of town.
San Antonio is in Immediate help of the following.
Food, clothing and medicine is much needed, we can have the ability to provide to those who lost every thing with the most basic of human needs, food and clothes. Your donations are needed to help those with nothing so they can carry through these most difficult timesl
We are not accepting donations at this time, but if you would like to find out more about projects and details contact, Michael Levi or Thomas Tzieffle.
Photo below is a young boy in San Anonio recieving a donation of blankets after tropical storm Agatha.
"While sad as the situation was, many of us were happy to have survived and able to help"

( Member of the Community )

 "We were caught off guard when all of a sudden the entire mountainside we lived on started to shake, we watched as our families, friends and neighbors houses fell down into the lake from the falling mud and rocks of the landslide that came suddenly.

We were screaming, yelling because of the landslides that began happening all around us. I remember shouting to the others to gather to my house but it was such chaos. So I grabbed my son and ran to my house and we were spared.

I feel lucky to be alive because just moments before the mountain fell I was under it helping pull family members out of a flooding house. We lost six family members this day, but we are all fortunate to have survived.

San Antonio Palopo  2011, there is planned for today a memorial concert in remembrance of the land slide a year ago and the 25 friends and neighbors that lost their lives in the disaster that was visited upon us.  All of the various bands in the community will be massed for this concert. 

 Amigos of San Antonio Palopo and ICO

The Amigos of San Antonio Palopo and ICO, an orgnization based in British Columbia, Canada have donated in excess of $15 000.00 USD in aid of our friends and neighbors who were affected by the tragic landslides of May 31, 2010.  To date, your donations have provided a chlorinated water system to the people, and tomorrow, we are giving out a propane 3-burner hotplate complete with a hose, regulator and 25 lb tank of propane gas to each affected family.  As there is a severe shortage of firewood, the town council advised us that gas stoves were the best option.  Within the next month or so, we will provide 8 large looms, 5 medium looms and 34 small looms, complete with all the accessories to those families who have lost everything.  You also have purchased medicine for the health centre when a shortage arose.  So far, we, in your name, have committed Q97 614.00 ($12 278.00 USD) to the relief of these poor people. We have not yet scratched  suface. 

Thank you.


San Antonio Palopo, Guatemala. C.A.

If you have any questions or just want to chat contact us at the email below.

Michael Butler    mbatitlan@yahoo.com .

Thomas Zieffle  tzieffle@hotmail.com