Disaster In San Antonio Palopo

Throughout the rainy season of 2010, San Antonio Palopo had almost non stop rain for almost six months. 

Tropical Storm Agatha hit just before the start of the rainy season. Dropping massive amounts of water onto this village and it's mountain slopes. Throughout 2010 San Antonio Palopo was plagued with many land slides, some massive and some minor. Hundreds of homes were lost as well as businesses and lives.  While aid was received ( mostly by private donations by groups such as Tosa and Amigos de San Antonio Palopo ICO. ) and donations from the government and outside organizations as well. San Antonio is still struggling in (2012) Much work needs to be done still. The town's water system is still in shambles It's schools in dire need of help. The list of problems go on. Below are photos taken by Michael Levi and Marcel showing just a few images of the destruction from the constant rains.