Helping the Community of San Antonio Palopo
Well, it has been a long year for many of us in Canada, the USA, here in Central America and around the world.  It seems that we need to get ready for a period of disasters; floods and fires in Canada, tornados and floods in the USA, and earthquakes everywhere, it seems.  I think everyone feels the need to sotp, look around and think of what he or she might do to ameliorate the results of a disaster coming to your front door.  It can happen anywhere and at any time.

Many of the problems that resulted from the disaster have been thorny and difficult to solve.  Solutions for the replacement of housing is one.  The solution of the federal government will put the homeless on the top of the  mountains where there is relatively flat land.  Unfortunately, the affected are balking at that because of the completely different lifestyle that would result, and the significantly colder weather at that altitude.  I have been up there when the cold south wind blows and it is frigid!  So, that is still in process.  We still do not have a good solution for the abandoned school.  The catholic church has rented part of their holdings but it is a far from satisfactory solution.  It has two bathrooms for 450 children and the board of directors oft the church will not let us build more.  The school runs in two shifts starting at 07:00 AM and finsihes at 06:30 in the evening.  I am working with the TOSA Group and with the Alcaldia (town council) to sponsor a study by engineers to investigate the stabalization of the hill behind the school, and other danger areas as well.  We had geologists from the Cooperativa EspaƱola take a look.  They promised to get back to us after Easter Monday.  Nothing heard, so far.  Yesterday, however, I received an email from an engineer from the States who specializes in just that kind of work.  He will be here in the second week in June and hopefully, we will get some idea of the possibilities of such a venture.


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